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What is IPv4 lease and how does it help your business?


With the introduction of Internet Protocol version 4, or IPv4, businesses and networking experts are asking some important questions about how they can best utilize their current IP addresses. The primary concern is not so much about migration issues between IP networks like the ones that exist between Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular phones but rather about how IP packets are moved from one network to another in a secure manner. In a basic sense, people ask why lease IP addresses? A fundamental reason that business owners give for the need to lease IP addresses is the need to conserve capital that would otherwise be spent making purchases of hardware and software and paying for an IP network infrastructure.

Static and dynamic address blocks

In a nutshell, IP addresses are numbers assigned to a particular computer system by an IP network administrator. This administrative body is called an IP Service Provider. Whenever you log on to the Internet this is the way that your computer network addresses are assigned. There are two kinds of allocations that can be made to an IP address: static and dynamic. With a static network, the same address is reserved for a period of time. Once this period has elapsed, then the system can be reassigned to a new IP address by the administrator.

The second kind of address block is dynamic. A dynamic address allows any number of parties to use the same address. If you have more than one website on your network and each of these websites leases its own IP address, then you will have a very large pool of IP addresses to work with. In addition, if a site’s IP address changes, then you won’t notice because the site whose IP address has been reassigned will automatically receive a new address.

Why lease IPv4 address blocks?

As you can see from the information above, there are a number of advantages that come with leasing IP addresses. You have the ability to manage and secure your network and avoid potential security risks that come with shared IP addresses. Also, changing the IP addresses used by one or more sites will require no additional cost. Finally, you can create a different class of addresses for different purposes, such as for gaming and streaming audio and video content.

To get an IPv4 lease, you can choose to select a specialized IP broker and get access to your leased addresses within just 48 hours.

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